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  • 4 links (home, ask and past included)
  • 4 sidebars (100x100px each)
  • customizeable colours and ask text

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Theme 07 - Iron Man by mandrakescry
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theme 04 (version 1) by claraosmin {code} + {livepreview}

  • 2 sidebar images, all 379 by 768
  • please don’t remove credit, but feel free to edit.
  • ENJOY!

theme 04 (version 2) by claraosmin {code} + {livepreview - temp}

  • 2 sidebar images, all 379 by 768
  • please don’t remove credit, but feel free to edit.
  • ENJOY!

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this is a test


                                 Theme 08

Live Preview

This theme includes/contains:

  • 8 custom links
  • Sidebar image width: 400px
  • Info over sidebar
  • Optional description border

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Theme number #9 - Howlin’ For You



  • 4 customizable links
  • Option for faded images
  • big sidebar


  • Please don’t claim it as yours, use as a base or remove the credit, but feel free to learn and understand from it.
  • If you have any questions, message me!
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↳ Preview: Codes Only / ExampleHelp/FAQ
Download: (Pastebin) CSS Sprites Stars or HTML Stars / (Ge.tt) CSS Sprites Stars or HTML Stars

As promised, the bookshelf page I’m using on my own blog. Personally, I think there are quite a few flaws in this but alot of you still wanted it. Again, if you need help installing pages, there’s a tutorial here. If you need help using/editing anything, the help page is here.

Please read the info carefully before you download as there are two different versions based on what rating system you want to use.

The first uses CSS Sprites to Display Ratings (credit for tutorial) - as seen in the live preview on my own blog - it’s the red stars and you are unable to change the colour of that using HTML/CSS (you can remake them in Photoshop but I’m lazy), however this method allows half stars.
The other version, just uses basic HTML stars - you can change the colours of these (I’ve set the default to a yellow-ish/gold) but there are no half stars. If you’re familiar with HTML/CSS you can feel free to change to whatever method you prefer.

There are three categories at the top (bookshelf, currently & to read, favourites) and each time you add a new book you will need to pay attention to what category you would like that book to be under (just like the watching page). For details on how to edit colours and add books read the FAQ here.

Two Gifs in One Frame


  • Result:


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